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Volcanic Stone Pinch Pot Set. Condiment Bowls. Set of 3.

Volcanic Stone Pinch Pot Set. Condiment Bowls. Set of 3.

SKU: StonemadeMx004

Beautiful and one of a kind volcanic stone spice bowls.
100% handmade by independent artisans in Querétaro, México.

Set of 3 pieces - spice cellars - volcanic stone pinch pots.
Perfect for salt & pepper, chili or paprika.
These bowls have been formed from Mexican volcanic stone with a beautiful wooden base.
Modern and original, these bowls make a unique gift for Food Lovers or kitchen decor.

Handcrafted using high quality volcanic stone.
Includes base/tray made from high quality wood with an amazing and elegant finish.

Product dimensions: 9.8" x 4" x 2.8"


    Product dimensions: 9.8" x 4" x 2.8"

    Use and Care:

    Volcanic Stone:
    Avoid using soap and let it dry completely before storing it. Follow these steps for the best results:
    a) Warm Water: After each use, thoroughly rinse with warm water. Repeat a couple of times.
    b) Never, Ever Use Soap: The porous volcanic rock has little holes that will trap the scent and taste of soap.
    c) Use a clean kitchen brush and water to clean.
    d) Air Dry: It is very important that your items are completely dry before putting it away. If you don't empty, properly rinse, and thoroughly dry, it could attract mold.

    Wood: Wooden items should be hand cleaned. Wipe with wet towel and let it dry. Avoid excess of water that can damage wooden pieces. Dishwashers can strip the natural oils that keep wooden pieces from drying out causing the wood to crack.


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