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Craftruly was born to bring amazing and truly unique handcrafted products full of story, passion, and heart to consumers that love arts and crafts and passion for detail.

We truly believe that every product we wear or use is a personal statement.

Same with every gift we give to someone we love.

Every item becomes a reflection of who we are, what we believe in, and what we appreciate the most. 

Craftruly is a platform that gives space to prodigious artisans that devotedly dedicate their lives to their crafts to offer exceptional collections and products, and the opportunity for people to discover and acquire fascinating pieces full of heritage and tradition, with an updated meaning for a new era.

Behind every handmade product you will find at Craftruly, there is an amazing story about a culture and place, a family, a person, and a legacy that its crucial to keep, more in these times where the real and the authentic is what matters the most.

This is how every product you will find at Craftruly is made: With true devotion and love...

Ingeniously, craftily, skillfully, consciously...






MERCARTE Branding Art was born back in 2015 with the idea to fuse marketing strategies with artistic expressions, resulting in an ambitious platform that impulses creators and artisans from different backgrounds and disciplines to generate more value capitalizing on their amazing creativity, skills and aptitudes.

Mercarte is a key partner for this project, in charge of curating the right artisans, crafters, creators and stories that becomes part of this platform. They carefully select every item ensuring all vendors, collections and products have the highest quality standards to exceed the expectations of every highly valued Craftruly customer.

For more information visit:

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Arte Por La Vida is a charity organization with the incredibly ambitious goal and vision of bringing art closer to vulnerable communities, with the belief that art is a great way to bring culture and education to the less fortunate that have no opportunities or resources to access art. 

Working closely with children´s homes to ensure a better future for abandoned children, educating through art and avoiding a destiny that in many cases ends up in prostitution or delinquency, as well as with shelters to give better quality of living for the elderly reducing abandonment and lethargy.

Many studies demonstrate that art benefits health in all physical, cognitive and emotional levels.

Art is also a powerful tool for social change, that helps develop a more flexible, creative and tolerant brain while improving communication skills creating new ways of thinking. 

"Arte Por La Vida" develops special workshops and organized guided tours to museums and other cultural institutions, impacting thousands of children´s and senior adults every year. 

10% of every purchase at goes to support "Arte Por La Vida" activities and programs, generating to a positive impact and contributing to building a better, stronger and healthier society. 

For more information visit:

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