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Strings / Extensions

Strings / Extensions




Pair of strings / extensions to hang up your hammock if the space between walls is bigger than 118 inches. 



100% handwoven with heart by women from a small community based in Campeche, México.



Average product dimensions: Length 46 inches.


Available in nylon and recycled cotton fibers, in all hammock colors. 




    100% handwoven in Campeche, México with love by small artisan communities. 


    Average product dimensions: Length 46 inches

    Materials: Available in nylon and recycled cotton fibers. 


    *NOTE: Remember that all our accessories are sold in pairs and are essential to hang your hammock.



    Strings work as extensions if distance between walls is bigger than 118 inches. Available in all hammock colors.


    Use and Care:

    Hand wash: Fill your bathtub, kiddie pool or any other water container with cool water and about a quart of mild detergent and use a soft bristle brush. Use your hands to wash it and scrub away the dirt on your hammock. Empty the water from the bath and refill with fresh water to rinse off the excess soap. Repeat this step as necessary. When clean, just hang dry. 

    Machine wash: Wash separately on a cold water and low spin cyle setting for best results. Use mild laundry detergents but never use chlorine bleach. Do not add fabric softeners. Line dry your hammock. We do not recommend putting your hammock in the dryer.

    Make sure you remove the carabiners and any metalic parts before using washing machine. 


    Check our return & refund policy here


    Ships everywhere in the USA. Shipping charges will apply at checkout.

    Strings / extensions are shipped with the hammock, if ordered at the same time.


    We will ship between 2-3 business days if product is in stock. Please be aware that our hammocks are 100% handmade. If we don´t have an item in stock, it usually takes up to 3 weeks delivery time. If a product is ordered and we are out of stock, we will notify via email the expected shipping time and determine whether the customer wishes to continue with the order. 

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