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Personalized Painting

Personalized Painting

SKU: Cla003

Personalized Painting


Tell Claudio Limón your story or theme, colors and how you envision your personalized art and he will create a unique and completely specialized painting for you.


Once ordered and paid, we will contact you and share a one pager format where you will be able to provide your story, details and all necessary information Claudio may need to create your painting.


Production time: 2-3 weeks.


Artist: Claudio Limón

Materials: Acrylic 

Dimensions: 18 inches x 24 inches.

NOTE: The painting will be shipped unframed.



    Materials: Acrylic 

    Dimensions: 18 inches x 24 inches.

    Available framed or unframed.


    Unframed: 1.10 pounds

    Framed: 6.61 pounds


    Production: Handmade in México by Claudio Limón


    Check our return & refund policy here


    Ships everywhere in the USA. Shipping charges will apply at checkout.


    We will ship between 2-3 business days if product is in stock. Please be aware that every art piece is unique and Claudio Limón collection is limited. If a product is ordered and we are out of stock, we will notify via email and determine whether the customer wishes to select a similar product that is available. 

    For personalized paintings please consider 2-3 weeks production time plus regular shipping timings. 

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