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Kefi Silhouette Decorative Wooden MDF Sculpture with Base

Kefi Silhouette Decorative Wooden MDF Sculpture with Base

SKU: AlbKefiBase

Kefi Silhouette Decorative Wooden MDF Sculpture with Base.


Unique and thoughtfully designed wall art sculpture, perfect to enhance and elevate any space. 


The Kefi silhouette is perfect for decorating and elevating any space and giving each space a special and innovative look.

They are made of 3 mm MDF and handpainted in matte black.


Kefi Silhouettes Specs:
16" Width x 16" Height each. 


- It is important to consider that given the 100% handmade process involved in creating and handpainting this piece slight variations in coloring are normal. 

- If we have your product in stock once an order is confirmed, we will ship immediately, otherwise we will create to order. Please consider up to 2 weeks for production, plus shipping timings if your product is not in stock. 


For any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us!


    100% handmade in México. Every piece is unique. 

    Material: MDF handpainted:

    Specs:16" Width x 16" Height each.


    MDF use and care:

    For interior use only. Avoid exposure to water and sun, as this can damage the material changing its appearance.
    Clean with a dry or semi-dry cloth.


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    Ships everywhere in the USA. Shipping charges will apply at checkout.


    We will ship between 2-3 business days if product is in stock. Please be aware that our products are 100% handmade. If we don´t have an item in stock, it usually takes up to 3 weeks delivery time. If a product is ordered and we are out of stock, we will notify via email the expected shipping time and determine whether the customer wishes to continue with the order. 

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