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Jaguar Authentic & Original Mexican Limited Edition Unisex Leather Clutch Bag

Jaguar Authentic & Original Mexican Limited Edition Unisex Leather Clutch Bag

SKU: Cla08

Jaguar Leather Bag


Make Make x Claudio Limón


Dimensions: 35cm x 28cm x 8cm (14 inches x 11 inches x 3.2 inches)

Make Make is a leather accessories firm that exists to recognize Mexican roots through bags 100% handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico. 


The "Warriors" collection is inspired by the fighting instinct of each human being, and how we overcome adversities that come our way every day, as well as the ancient legends of pre-Hispanic combatants, interpreted in three different bags.

On this occasion, the artist chose three animals that stand out in this constant battle: the Serpent Warrior (symbolizing life, fertility and knowledge), the Jaguar Warrior (as an example of power and strength) and the Eagle Warrior (represents strength and courage).


Claudio Limón (@claudiolimon) is a Mexican painter, illustrator, muralist and designer. He was born in Arandas, Jalisco, México. He shows in every project the pride, passion, and recognition of his culture, showing a Mexican vision of pop art, and presenting a different reality than anyone else could expect. Claudio is one of the fastest growing Mexican artists right now.


Claudio has collaborated with multiple national and international brands creating art for brands such as Tequila Don Julio, SMEG, Cloe, Cholula Hot Sauce, Shake Shack amongst others and currently has murals in Gitano NYC and Tulum, Matilda Boutique Hotel in San Miguel de Allende and other multiple locations in Miami, Mexico City and other locations.

He also has been featured in Times Square NYC and in multiple art and design magazines worldwide.



    Materials: Leather

    Dimensions: 14 inches x 11 inches x 3.2 inches


    2kg / 4.4 pounds


    Production: Handmade in Jalisco, México. 


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    We will ship between 2-3 business days if product is in stock. Please be aware that every art piece is unique and Claudio Limón collection is limited. If a product is ordered and we are out of stock, we will notify via email and determine whether the customer wishes to select a similar product that is available. 

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