Sol Earrings

Sol Earrings

SKU: Eli003Sol



100% handmade.

Lightweight and comfortable earrings. Can be used with or without the sun piece. 



Materials: .925 Sterling silver, 5 micron 14 K gold plated. 




    Materials: .925 Sterling silver. 5 micron 14 K gold plated. 


    Product Dimensions:  0.7 inches. 

    Weight: .14 oz. 


    Production: Designed in Mexico and crafted by professional jewelers. 


    Jewelry and care

    - Before and after wearing the piece: clean it well with a soft cloth.

    - In case of stains (from oxidation): soak in Limpiasteg liquid solution for 2 minutes, wash off with water and soap, and dry well with a soft cloth.

    - Storage: Keep it in a dry and clean place inside a pouch or box.


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