Paloma Natural Hat

Paloma Natural Hat

SKU: Kue004N




Paloma is the KÜERNO hat that mixes traditional craftsmanship with urban elegance through a unique and timeless design with its two side laces that creates the perfect fit. The paloma hat will block the sun while keeps you stylish and cool in the summer heat.


Wing: 3.93 inches flat.

Crown: Küerno style. 

Material: Open Yute.

Details: Interior elastic, braided leather trim and two leather straps hanging on each side. 



Küerno hats are 100% handmade and each hat is unique, so there may be slight variations in the coloring, accessories, feathers and details. 




    Handmade hat using best quality wool and premium materials. 


    Product Dimensions:

    15.35 inches long x 16.53 width x 4.33 inches tall.


    Production: Designed in Monterrey, Mexico and crafted with local talent.  


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