Natalia Black Hat

Natalia Black Hat

SKU: Kue002B




Natalia is a hat with great personality. A new version of the classic cowboy styles, handmade by Mexican artisans in black with high quality wool.


Wing: 3.93 inches flat

Crown: Cowboy style. 

Material: Black Wool 220

Details: Interior elastic, ribbon trim and feather headdress.



Küerno hats are 100% handmade and each hat is unique, so there may be slight variations in the coloring, accessories, feathers and details. 




    Handmade hat using best quality wool and premium materials. 


    Product Dimensions:

    15.35 inches long x 16.53 width x 4.33 inches tall.


    Production: Designed in Monterrey, Mexico and crafted with local talent.  


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